Merry and Bright?

Well, hard to think about merry and bright, when my Island is hit by another strong storm. Waves are up to over 3 meters… everything sounds so spooky, and inside of me is this weird uncalm feeling. I hate it… lovely tree does not help. Even the gifts which I can open whenever I want..

Well… I was asking for snow, got wind and rain. Of course I know I can not fight with nature, so I take what it gives me, but… I need snow!!! I need frosty vibes and icicles. I need an army of snowmen!!!

I need it all!!!

Well… all I got for Christmas are winds – this sounds awesome, right? LOL Especially when you think about brussels sprouts. LOL Oh well, today I will be a perfect wife and clan up the house, cook something and not be naughty. Or maybe just a little bit? Tiny? Just because I can? Because I can, right?


You can really got crazy because of them, so Merry Christmas to all, and to all Good Night, because here it is a time to think about a nice, windy, deep and dark night! And windy. So… it may mean that my sleeping will not be so calm and so merry.

Oh well! The truth is I do not feel the spirit of this time. Somehow nope. Not even a bit. And it sucks when you are waiting for December all year long!!!

Really sucks!!!

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