Merry Yule!

Merry Yule Everybody!!!

Have it jumping, funny, smiling, have it as you want it. Although me… I will miss the darkness. Saying good bye to those lovey dark mornings makes me sad. Yeah, I know, only me, right? Again only me?

But I love the darkness.

I love cold. I love… things which are not loved by most of you, because someone has to, right? Or I am just weird enough to say it is for me? I feel better with it? Am I the only one telling the truth?

Yule is the truth. It shows your true being, true you, who you are and how you deal with life. It strips you from those fancy clothes and ideas, thoughts put there by others and… is just pure, amazing real thing.

But can you hold this what is real? Can you?

Because the truth is… we need darkness. We need this time. To rest. To think where is this all going, and to let go. We need it, so use it, until it changes into sunny madness!!! Use the darkness Luke! I mean The Force hidden behind it!!! Use it! LOL

Have funny Yule everybody. Just smile! Even everything sucks. Dance, even if you are aware of all that shit dancing with you!!!

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