Just breath…

“Just breath… sometimes it is all you can do.

Just breath, no matter what is happening, you are you.

Just breath… in and out.

Sometimes it is all you need, sometimes.

Blink, this is another step.

Good job, now just think, but not ahead.

Just dream.

Just jump into fantasy world.

They will get you there,

they will cuddle,

will give you more.

And breath. Do not forget about it.

Breath… it is a huge matter.” Ch. Jones

This is what I can do now.

Only… or so much?

I do not know… but for now, I can breath and jump into my imagination. I have the whole world in my head. Only mine. And I am not sharing, because sometimes there are things which you should have only for yourself. You can have there everything, and you can daydream too.

Try it!!!

But keep it for yourself.


Remember it.

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