Discover me

There are things and places which you can rediscover many times, there are those which touched you so much, that you do not wanna come back there, to not ruin memories. You just can not… And there are places where you keep coming back again and again and again… and sometimes you know why, and sometimes you do not know it. There is only this feeling of “I must”.

And suddenly there are those place which you discover for the first time. Many of them… is this a reason people travel? Is it really? Is it the same with artists? Us… screaming: discover me!

See me!!!

Notice me!!!

Or maybe there is something more?

Those who do not wanna be noticed, although need food too… they got to sell something, but they prefer to hide, like me. So ashamed, even guilty when someone discovers them, so blushed when someone says something nice.

The worst judges of their own art.

But today… a place.

This time I came back to the one which splashes. Where waves jump and dissolve into millions of drops. Maybe you have to wait, stand here on the end of the concrete ground for hours to get a good shot, but it is addicting. You d it until your hands and knees hurt, because you need to be in this weird position… but you do it. I do it. Because I am, I must be mental, right? Most of people use photoshop.

Why I got to freeze out my fingers, and ass?

To discover more… to show myself that I can? To see it again or for a first time, because every photo is different. Every one of them.

PS> Remember all my photos are for sale (paypal and you get a print, which you can print, or make a phone case of it or a tapestry even, a pillow maybe? You can find them on y four blogs or Facebook pages. FineArt… and my paintings are for sale too, check my shop – tell me your price if you love something! Bigger pieces can be much cheaper!!! I need place on my walls)

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