Silent Night in Copenhagen…

Okay, it was not silent. It was quick, hurry, it was… something we try to do every year, to see lights, to just be a part of all that what a lot of you call: commercialism. I bet you would miss it if you lost it.

Except police, guns, all those things which were there to protect people… except the feeling of fear, when you figure out why those big concrete blocks are here… it is Jul.

So here we have colors, trees, and of course Scandinavian Christmas.


Simple stuff. Some arty, some breathtaking, some… too expensive.

Simple markets, like everywhere… and art.

And even unusual advent calendars. If you google the name of this hotel you will get info and movies about windows.

And fairy-tales everywhere… and lights.

Horses and polar bears, because why not?

We can have them all together, right? Oh and fake snow… well…

And much much much more, walking the main shopping street… I needed this. Just because. Somehow a piece of me needs lights, huge Jul trees and those decorations. And it would be so cool without fear and all those people. Can I turn them off? Is it evil of me, that I do not like living people? That fun is for me nature, woods, seaside, rocks… so why I need this? I can not afford those things, but still…

And after few hours I am done.

I need my quiet Island. I need Her so much!!! But the problem is the journey. Oh my, here that was wobbly, and it will be wobbly going back. Grey weather, wind and rain… yeah… We are on the sea. So I will have to survive it, right?

I will have too!!!

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