Arty art again

Because I do.

I call it art.

Maybe funny one, maybe sometimes kitschy, maybe…

But art.

Welcome to Simrishamn, Sweden. Small, touristic town, perfect for quiet vacation… I always call it a forgotten part of my Island, because it looks so like home, like Bornholm. Small homes, cottages, sea… oh well, we had VERY SCARY wobbly journey here, so sorry, needed a walk, and we found those beauties.

Simple, complicated, sweet…

And then…

Next and another one.

When you have homes made of brick, stone and wood, those paintings are so eye catching. Are so smiling to you.

And this peace and quiet. Maybe it was grey and rainy, but still so calm. Big tree on a market, people selling fresh veggies and decorations, and of course the tree. And little tres. I bet it looks lovely when it is dark, but…

I am in a hurry!!!

Oh come on, really!!!

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