Me so tired!!!

It took so much time!!! I spend so many days and nights… it everything took so much from myself… Yeah, I agree. Art sometimes can drives us nuts. Can make us psycho a bit even. Especially if your vision is not this what you created, and you are pissed on yourself, but… the truth is…

Sometimes art just comes out from us and it takes only a moment. It can happen so often if you only let your body work. If you have a good day or night. If… it magic happens. Special one. OOAK. So yeah… sometimes you can not be tired at all of making art. And sometimes it is just killing you!!! You really are praying for working hard in the field or just cleaning or maybe crashing some stones…

Weird thing.

Sometimes it is good for artists to just play with soil. It helps and brings inspiration, cleanse, and of course make you calmer.

But for now go for a walk with me. On a top of my Island. There is a lighthouse guarding us, and there is something surprising… and yes it is now, it is Danmark – Bornholm, and yes we are green. So green!!!

See, we come here often, I mean really, we walked around, we walked up and down, and even… and still we did not know it was here!!! A small place where earlier stone was bring out. And now here is special vibe, this fairy feeling…

See, usually we were walking o the left, there is a path, not so easy, but also not so hard, do you can try it… and over this lake is a slide string you can try. Me never.


Yes, never. Even if you paid me… okay how much you said? LOL

But the most amazing were stone gardens. Little. Amazing curly path, small trees ready to survive in this windy world and the most amazing mirror ever…

See… told ya inspiration comes sometimes unattended, not expected. Just comes and makes: BOOH sound. LOL

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