And even more markets…

Come on, it is such time, and perfect time for people from here to earn some cash for their handmade work. For pieces created especially for this place, this moment.

Special one.

And this place. Imagine rock… okay, in fact a lot of rocks creating a mountain – in fact just seaside, more cliffy, but when you look from other side… curly road, black cows on the right, trees, rocks, up up up…

And a lighthouse.

And a tiny white cottage next to it, always smelling so piny. So cute and full of… souls. Spirits. Full of magic… and even it was sunny, so…

Yeah, it was a wonderful market. So calm, but also joyful, simple, with pieces made of nature for nature… just beautiful. Broken mugs and cups filled with food for birds, perfect for winter time. Just amazing. And best sugary almonds ever!!!

Hammerfyr rocks!!!

Is it that view… lighthouse behind me, so rocky, so strong, so chubby. Or is it nature? Rocks, some grass, and all those stony gardens. And something more. Something what you feel but can not see.

Something full of stories, but to shy to tell them.

Or maybe… only almonds? Or maybe those cute, amazing, ecological if you need me mention that, beautiful pieces. So cute, so really for everyone! With prices which do not scare you!

PS. Check my FineArtAmercia account. Hopefully I will be adding more photos soon! Maybe you will like something? A print? Maybe a cushion, a case or some cards? Or even more cards? LOL

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