Jul Jul Jul… it started. Markets in tiny barns, bigger barns in those characteristic gaards… oh my it started.

For sure.

First one was Jul på Lauegård.

In the old gaard, old rocks, bricks, old… but so cozy and hyggeligt.

Some parts were just showing off how can you easily and cheap, or even for free create a special Jul space… Christmas space…

Others… were more complicated and tasty.

And of course you could buy here some art. Some jewellery, some cute pieces… natural, made of wood, pine cones, reused metal and paper.

And why there is no people… well, there was huge crowd, a lot of singing, but when I was taking photos, they all gave me some space, what I am very thankful for and… went to eat something and drink. LOL

Here you can hear some singing… I am so not into filming people, so movie is not the best, but just listen… it is so old-fashioned. Suiting the grounding so perfectly, but for me.. too loud and so crowded. People with anxiety are not made to be in such places with other living humans.

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