Calendars… counting days. Everything based on nature, still seems to be so unnatural. We are forgetting about seasons closed in concrete cities. So still, why are they so important? Counting hours, days, years.

Giving time so much meaning?

And those advent calendars, especially those with sweets? What is all about them? I mean really?


If you want a chocolate you get a bar, right? And this… what does it mean, that you can eat only a piece a day? What if today I do not want it? And tomorrow I will be like: give me whole chocolate of the world?

What? I googled that… “An Advent calendar is a special calendar used to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Since the date of the First Sunday of Advent varies, falling between November 27 and December 3 inclusive, many Advent calendars, especially those that are reusable, often begin on December 1, although those that are produced for a specific year often include the last few days of November that are part of the liturgical season. The Advent calendar was first used by German Lutherans in the 19th and 20th centuries but is now ubiquitous among adherents of many Christian denominations.” Got it from wiki, so you can ready more… but as a kid being raised in Middle Europe, I am like a virgin with it. Christians usually pledge to not eat sweets, to make it a sacrifice, especially those poor kids, raised in a bit more fanatic families. Been there, done that. I am pagan, I am free… if I want chocolate, just move from my way…

But what is all about them now? I mean really? Because I made an experiment. Created one by myself (small boxes in a huge box) and got there things I love, no sweets, just pieces which make me smile. I am eager to check how it is to open one box a day? And why? What will it do?

Oh yes, I am a calendar virgin!!! And you? Do you buy them or make them by yourself? And what about chocolate? LOL

PS. Remember all photos are for sale (150 DKK, paypal, mail) and you can print them whatever size you want or on whatever you want!!! Not only from this site and blog but also IBornholm (Bornholm Different) and Miś Śnież – wolność dla pluszaków. So you can have them how you want them.

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