Leaves are almost gone.

My Island became so much more windy, but still it gives us sun from time to time. Perfect time to take photos, because the light is just precious! Amazing and one and only. Stunning. Clear and so glassy like. Or crystal like?

Imagine a clear crystal and look thru it…

Can you sea waves, deep blue with hints of amber and most of all… emerald. Liquid one. So impossible. So visible. Or maybe I am only just imagining it? Maybe it everything around is too impossible to be? Silence. Almost no humans. Just me and the seaside. Me and the woods.


Although cold when wind is included. Wind can remove your skin and change you into a red monster.  Just November. Maybe we did not have a lovely sunny autumn, but we will get a nice, cold and snowy winter?


I am waking up very early every morning waiting for a perfect sunrise, but… not for now. Maybe I will get one. Maybe? For now waiting for little julemarkets. For my Island to be festive for a moment. Yes, I know it is November still, but here we somehow do everything earlier to just then, and December just go to sleep. And dream. Dream about something, someone, or maybe dream out this world?


I will not have a big tree and lots of gifts. I will not have this what I am dreaming about, but maybe at least this what I am scared off will not happen? I can not afford so much, and all I am dreaming about is making others smile. Friend, artists selling their pieces… I suck! I mean, I really do. But this is how it is. Will write down hundred of cars now… and hope they will get there where they should…


Because I am not of those cooking and sitting behind the table, waiting for food… I am waiting for Santa, miracles and all that stuff. I am a lost case, right? LOL

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