To buy or not to buy…


To buy or not to buy. So many adverts, commercials. So many people standing, waiting for a stupid Iphone something every time there is a new one, what in fact is very often, right? So often. I am not one of them. I am the boring one without a phone and TV, still… does it mean I hate gifts? Sorry but nope. I love gifts. Songs ca say: I do not care about the presents and snow, but me… I do care.

No diamonds.

No fancy gifts maybe.

No gold… but something fluffy, something cute and sweet and postcards with tiny pieces. I can be obsessed by a tiny sock someone made for me. I have it since 2013 hanging as a part of a spell – protecting my home. I have postcards for years. I wish to say forever, but some of them were lost during us moving very often, so I can not…

But I am one of those keeping gifts.

Those special one. Or weird even. An angel with twisted arms and not matching eyes or a sheep, a pendant, stones, figurines… loving things which matter. But sometimes only a moment counts when you get something. That feeling… and then you let go the things connected to this moment. You just put them away or maybe even pass them. Because for someone they can be again important. You can get bored with things… you can get bored with boring people. Sorry, we are only humans, right? Most of us is not even saints. Or maybe none is?

Recently I am obsessed with this guy… yeah this is HOW CRAZY I can be. LOL Or just funny. But the truth is… I can not just go, pass an artists showing his work and buy nothing. Even if I can afford only a card or a tiny piece, I will buy it. Maybe not for me, maybe for someone else… but I will.

So… buy or not buy this Jul?

It is all up to you!!!

PS. Why am I writing about it? Because… I saw an advert: buy nothing this Christmas. And okay. You can have fun with nothing… I remember this fun. A child from that other side of the wall being happy of nuts and a tree, making dolls from paper. I had it. Nothing… now I want to have at least something. Let me be happy with this. With this what you had always have. Get it..

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