One motive

One motive, one color. No worries if you fall in love in leaves and all you do is painting them, sculpting or taking photos… it is normal. One of artist from my Island Oluf Høst was obsessed with a barn. That was a problem in my humble opinion. Of course I get it. He wanted to show changes, seasons, one place… and then a huge fire when everything went too hot, but still…

A barn?


Toilets… yes, we had it i art. Not mentioning humans, eyes, vaginas… oh yes, we are sometimes so in love with one thing. One motive or color. I am obsessed with prussian blue. Can not live without it!!! LOL

There is nothing wrong with obsession. Artistically one. Unless you are Hannibal Lecter, so there is a problem but for your objects, truly not for you, right? LOL So no killing, we are now talking only about boring painting, photos, sculpting, crocheting… and all that stuff. Although crocheting can be dangerous too. Hard to say anything now. Really. The outside is so lovely and misty, and has a bit of sun, I could go out, but my migraine says” no way. I think for this one time I will listen to my head.

No reflections for me today, no photos… sometimes it is also good to just leave it, and even if your fingers itch… do not take photos! Leave that brush! Look for something new… look for something new maybe in something old, or come back to the good and old. Art is totally free, you can do everything… although Dexter… Yeah. Why I can not stop thinking about serial killers, A lot of them also called themselves artists. Sometimes I think my Island could be a perfect one for one of them hiding here… See, I read too much, write too much and think too much!!!

Okay… bye. LOL

PS. Christmas is coming, so… sorry, but yes, I am repeating myself, but. All my photos are for sale. From all my blogs and Facebook (IBornholm, Kobaltowa Wrona, Miś Śnież) pages. They are all 150DKK each, and you print it as you want. Think how unique gift you can make for someone you love or hate! Hate can be also showed in a gift. LOL Really!!! And I will not lie that I do not need gifts under my tree. I do I do I do!!! LOL

Of course my paintings are also for sale, and remember, you give me your price, do not look what is written there! Just make me a proposition, naughty even… I will probably agree! I always do! LOL check my shop.

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