The sound.

The smell.

Those colors…

I love them. I bet there are bugs and pieces of mus between them, I do not care. They are like snow. They are autumnal petal s which you can play with…

But this smell.

Oh my, so rich, so candylike. Crunchy even, I could swear i saw some chocolate chips, I could smell them… just listen. Goose included!!! Just were flying by. Near my old ruins, early medieval, everything close and so far way from everything. Amazing place… my amazing Island.

But… leaves…

Oh, this sound, so primal, normal, regular, so mine only. I bet everyone’s steps sound the same, but still, this is my own music. My own fun, just for free. Maybe a bit too wet this year, because this regular autumn, sunny and full of colors was taken from us, but still… I found some spots. Some leaves, some colors. Had to. I can not live without changing seasons. Really… Paradise islands not for me. But in fact, since when paradise is only sun and blue sea and sand? It is boring and got sharks!!!

Not for me.

But leaves… you can dry them, make jewellery from them, just use ceramic, liquid resin. You can keep it forever, or get it, and let it go. Really. Because it is what autumn is all about. Having fun, colors, and then letting them go, to transform. As we should. Still working on it. I hate changes  but… we need them. At least some of them.

So play with leaves… and then let them come back to soil, to make things grow.

Us too!!!

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