Walking and walking…

I am so often like… people do it.

Just try it.

It can not be so difficult if most of human beings can do it…

You know…


Taking a nap, having comfy time, just doing NOTHING!!! Come on woman, I bet you do not need PhD to do it. What is wrong with staying longer in your bed when you can? When you need it. When you are tired and sleepy… but to think it over, I go out and walk… and walk and walk… more.

I also have some virus or something more magical, I hope, snotty and feverish… but still. Somewhere in a middle after few hours I am always like: I should start going back, but… what for? Why? So I go.

And the magic of nature steps beside me.

She is chatty!!! Only few cars, because this time of year my Island is only autumn and few of us who live here. It seems so. I mean really. You can feel lonely and it is… surprisingly good. You do not have to show off, beg for likes and subs, be this person of interest. Just walk… nothing less, and taking photos. And then walk more. Somewhere I will have a break down, feel tired, but it passes, so I go, and then suddenly darkness touches me because I forgot that now around 4 p.m. it i getting really dark even if the day was sunny and semi warm…

But I still walk until everything calms down. Only few windows with light, in fact it is like… I am the only person in this world. And somehow it does not scare me. Nope. Sorry. It is not bad. Not bad at all… and then my anxiety hits and I need my Knight! Yeah, I am a Witch with a Knight. One and only…

And another day comes, I promise myself no walking today, I need a lot of work to do, and… so I go….


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