Smaller is better?

It is a lovely morning. The sky is half blue half white and grayish. It is quiet, calm and so wild… There are woods so close, but also a road, few cottages and fields. And everything is still so green. I mean really. But I will not write about autumn today. Nope, I will ask a one big question.

Huge even…

Is smaller better?

What do I mean?


You do know what TLDR means. You all know how short can be “movies” on YouTube, and still called interesting? Does the size matter? Or maybe… I really do not get this world anymore? I mean really? If I am listening to someone, I want it to last long. I love long movies, although I do know that the balance is important in everything. Writing, painting, in every face art has. Still. I do not get why now people read only a phrase. Few word from an article and they think it is enough? Or maybe there is so many information, that we can not do it different?

Maybe? Maybe we have problems with concentration on everything. Staying in touch with one piece for longer time? Maybe now we need too many changes, all the time… and I hate changes!!! I do not get them. I am still amazed by the wheel and toilet!!! Yeah, I know you know that. LOL

Few years ago newspapers and all those internet stars started to create small descriptions of everything. Even big articles, huge, posh news have those shortcuts. Those “about” on the top, because people do not read longer. Because they know that the whole article is too much. WTF? Are we o dumb? Or they wanna make us to look so? Because myself loves fat books. Short, novels, make me anxious. Really. Scared even. It can not be enough to make me happy. Scared or in love.

No way.

I need more. I need bigger and longer. Fatter…

Still… as a short person, I love being small. Maybe not tiny, but truly able to hide. So how is it? I mean really? I remember my Grandma reading a newspaper. From the first word to the last. Everything. Same with books. Same with everything. Doing everything from the start to the end… maybe we can not do it this way anymore?

Maybe we lost something? We so run to the end, that we miss The Mighty Middle!!! Which could be everything.

Sill when it comes to myself, smaller is better.

Smaller me is better.

LOL But to paintings… oh my, huge canvas are just amazing!!! Huge brushes, fat brushes, just big!!! I like big!!!

And to be clear… yeah, I am one of those inpatient people who need everything now. But I know it is impossible, and in fact it is not healthy. Sometimes waiting is good. It enriches you, or sometimes just pisses you off. And you are done. So yes, sometimes I peek at the end of the book. Guilty!!! Oh my, I am so embarrassing, right? And there is that thing… if I do not get it right now, sometimes I come back home and figure it out – I do not want it, I do not need it… sooo… Maybe it is all about the time?

Do we have enough of it, or too much? Are we wasting it?

Or it is just TLDR?

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