And silence…

… silence again.

I lived in many places. In huge cities, small, in villages, and even spent some time in a place which was just few cottages in the woods… and still, the silence, which touches me here, on my island, never happened to me before.



So structural.

So material.

The silence which happens between storms.

So yeah, islands are windy. Okay, not because of beans and cabbage, or other farting products, but because… they are islands. And I bet they love this air changing all the time. Refreshing.


But for me, and from few interviews, not only me, this weird silence after huge wind, after orkan styrke one, after storms, and between them, this weird window of silence is the one hitting your fear spot. Growing up your anxiety. Making you thankful for all that stuff from pharmacy and sugar or alcohol. Depends what works for whom. Winds can hit your mind too, but the silence is harder… because normal people will never get it. Why are you so shaky if it is NOT windy. In fact it is quiet…

Not too quiet for them

Not too weird…

We had this silence for two days.

Oh my, that was hell, or like sitting by the table on a family dinner. You know, every person has its own vision of hell, right? For me this is: chairs, clocks, phones, modern things, loud music, living humans and food. And this silence. Special, itchy, hitting, harming… and still just the silence.

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