I could put here definitions, news, quotes. I could… but I will not. We all have Google, and books. Yes, I mean that paper shits between to hard covers, or only a bit harder. Books. Yeah… no buttons. LOL

I could do a lot. Tell you about my Grandma, things I can see because I am mental, or like indigenous people say… special.

I could…

I will not.

And I am not sharing my candies. In fact… do I have any? I mean really? Do not think so. Sorry. Nope. Nada!!! I start to think about Samhain and Halloween. People carrying light inside of veggies. In fact also on my Island, but on islands light was always important. For those on the sea. To make their road home clear and visible. To make them aware, that we are here, thinking about them, waiting… loving.

Especially when the sea is so crazy like this.

Am I against Halloween?

But why? Nope.

Go and play… still raised in Middle Europe, somehow I do not get it walking around and asking for sweets. I try to imagine adults I met as a kid, and me asking them, dressing up… OMMI, that could be insane. From one side it is cute right, all those dressed people from other, asking someone for something only because you painted yourself i yellow and are now a Minion is weird. I think it is more like USA thingy, what is a bit funny when you think about Salem and all those black dressed protestants. 

But fun… we need more fun in this sad, full of bloody massacres world.

We really do.

So play, have fun! Smile! But go away from my chocolate!!! LOL I keep my ghosts, spirits and all those unseen close. Very close.

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