On an Island it is different… more free, mote naughty, just… more.

Wind can be crazy. Can just make an appointment – forecast – and start exactly about this hour and end about the one it was said, or… go crazy and full, big surprise. Mess your hair, dress, mess with your thoughts, mind. Even make your depression deeper, what really sucks.

Wind… simple thing, right? Natural. If it is a cool breeze during a hot day, you feel grateful. When it is a strong hurricane wind, you are scared.

Still, it is only… wind.

Just air.

Jut… breathing.

But, who is breathing, o farting…


Today we have strong, stormy wind. My Island is shaky, trees dance and bow, and you can really not walk properly – there is a drunken idiot option only available, but also… oh, those waves. They are amazing. That air and those leaves creating amazing tornadoes. Oh my. All I have to do is… let go. Just take my heavy bag off and let it push me, make me fly… just take me away to another world, where I could hide.

Because now all I need is to hide. Maybe I should open one of the gnome’s doors which we have in walls? Because, you know, we do not have wolves in walls, we have gnomes here – nisser. Playful, amazing, magical… They always cook something tasty during such deep, windy days and nights.

I get it.

Do not gt it, why they are not haring…

Sooo… it is windy. Really windy, and only a person from another island, living by the sea can get it, how crazy this time can be. How messy, but also how cleansing. And how creative also.

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