It looks like a painting…

Oh yes, I hear it all the time.

Somehow okay and arty is only taking photos black and white or humans posing. I mean really? What has happened to: art is free?!!! Everyone is different so creates different stuff. And in fact how often do you see same techniques, same styles, truly used same tutorials and people calling it innovative or new and fresh?

One and only?


Oh no…

I was not fresh and clean lying down in semi smelly seaweeds – almost fresh – trying to catch the reflections. Nope. Of course I came back home wet, because somehow… do you also have it, that when by the sea, on a beach or rocks, waves come to you. Silently, but then suddenly they grow and, well, hug you!!!

Wet hug is amazing when you are naked and prepared… dressed in a suit or just things you can got wet in… but when it is windy cold, well, I still like it, but coming back home with wet ass is painful a bit.


Still… so I was in those seaweeds, because fresh ones have those vibrant colors, and the sky reflecting in a sea water seems to be more special, than this usual sky above our heads, and…

I was not bothered by time.

The only thing which count was the light. Nothing else. And I figured it out… this is how I can spend hours, days and years. I mean really. I forget about everything while taking photos. Only they count.

Shapes and structures, colors, shades and ripples.

Nope… I am defo not a true photographer, because I hate taking photos of people. Only my Husband should be there. If I want him there. And if he agrees. Of course he usually does. Yeah. Or more like often, still… I take photos. I am different.

Because I take photopaintings!!!

Yes, my photos look like paintings because my camera is also my brush, and recently painting is a bit not for me. I have no place to put canvas, to splash paint. I ca not just cover the carpet with paint. Cleaning it remove nails from my fingers! I struggle, because I want to paint, but still, again then there is this cleaning, tiny space… I get nervous, frustrated… anxiety hit me, and canvas stay white.

But I hope it will change.


PS. Remember all my photos from blogs and Facebook pages are for sale (150DKK, paypal, mail)!!! LOL I do not print them and send them printed because of the high postage. It is killing me. Yes, PostNord is killing me!!! Hear it PotNord!!! You have my blood on your… stamps!!! I mean really and truly!!!

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