The sea

It is dark.

Finally my Island has this amazing darkness back and present. Which I missed so much! Which I so need and love, although I also love fairy-lights and candles so… it is a complicated relationship.

The Mighty Night… Darkness here and on place.

I lie down and…

I can hear it.

The sea.

See… it is soooo addicting.

When it is quiet, we got crazy. When waves are here, winds and all those sounds, it is so much better. So much more normal. The silence – in nature – is for me so unnatural. But what the heck do I know about nature. Only this, that when it gets quiet i the woods, you know a huge monster is coming, so…

The sea.

Which now looks like… autumn in liquid.

You just get inspired from it so easily… you sunk into those colors and sounds. Into this wet madness full of amazing seaweeds and sea grass and however it is called… I just sit here, wet my ass, do not care, and think that I can not live without it. It is for me physically and mentally impossible to live without the sea.

Falling asleep without this sound.

Not seeing it everyday.

Not knowing, feeling, it is so close.

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