Hobby or work?

Oh my, tell me honestly how often do you hear this question? When on a question: what do you do for living is… you answer: I am an artist. Truly, when you answer that you are an archaeologist, they will ask you about dinos, what pisses me off, Indiana Jones – who I love, or just nod sadly saying: I dreamed about when I was a kid, then I grew up… and they give you that look.

Oh yes, I didn’t.

Proud of it!!!

Sooo… hobby or work?

Truth is, the difference should be one: the money. If you got paid it is work, but truly if it is a hobby do you feel less tired of sculpting or thinking, or brushing, or taking photos in a lotus position? Nope. So what makes it hobby? That you do it only for yourself? But art is always a part of you… sooo? You can not erase yourself from it.

It is impossible! It is always personal. Even if they ask you to paint them a blue pelican with a Greek goddess jumping from his brain…

Truly, it is hard.

Hard to say: I am an artist, and not to hear in response: okay but what you do for living, payed for, normal, usual? Artists: dreamers, idealistic usually, crazy often, in fact always looking for more, something different, trying to change ways of thinking, just being different, often living alone… in strange places.

But only often.

If I sold nothing this week, was it only hobby?

And tomorrow it will be work? But I am so lousy in selling! I wanna keep my art for myself, or give it for free, to make people less judging.


So…. Hobby or work? When you finish one of artistic schools, for sure work, right? But what if… what if not? I mean really. What if you decide to make it only a hobby and then open a nail salon? Or become a hairdresser or a part of Bob the Builder company?

How do you feel?

The Mighty Secret Truth is… it’s up to you.

If you say it is only a hobby, it is one, if work… you are just waiting to be discovered and bought by some Kardashians. I bet that could help really i this weird world, where they are called… art!!!

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