What was I?

Sooo what was I doing recently?


Swimming in a freaking cold sea, during the most golden-orange sunset ever. It was crazy, it was mad even, because then I went shopping in my wet panties, but… I was swimming in a liquid gold!!! OMMI!

That was one and only.


Crazy, when the rest of the Island was wearing sweaters and fat jackets, but still… I was so in need. I just had to do it!!! And you know what? I am so doing it again! All I need is some sun and small waves.

I am crazy, but not stupid.

Not risking my life…

Then… I bought two huge pumpkins, because I feel Jul already. Yeah, now it has no sense, right? I just wanna it so much, but also, I do not… All I want is this waiting mode. Waiting for winter. For snow and cold. Waiting… But first autumn, which is still not here, but you can smell her coming… Lovely!!! And of course I can not sleep, so went crazy with work. Really crazy, my mind, my thoughts, ideas… everything is bubbling inside of my head. What is going on with me?

I mean really? What?


And what do I feel about it?

Who cares! I have 2 huge pumpkins to carve and a glass skull full of candies to keep my energy up! LOL Because why not? Oh, and I took cool photos of jellyfishes and sand, and stones, and sunsets… and… Maybe there is something in the air? Are they spraying creativity here? I mean really? Can you sniff it for me?

And? Are you feeling it?

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