The darkness

Do you have it? Or maybe have you ever saw it, felt it, met it?

One and total?

I mean the real one?

No lamps, fairy lights, no glittery buttons. Have you ever seen the true night, so deep, that even your eyesight was recognizing it as a one… no shades, no shadows. Nothing, only the darkness. Soft, cuddly. Truly not so scary at all, until someone puts something on. A lamp, laptop, torch?

Are you scared of darkness?

Sometimes I am… but working on it. Sometimes, it is so much better not to see, close eyes, just be only inside of yourself.

And… I love candles.

I am addicted to fire, but here, on this Island… darkness is special.

Nowadays almost everyone sleeps close to a phone, lamp, blimping lights of WiFi… There are even sayings like: ugly as night. Did it come from the fear of darkness? Or maybe misunderstanding? Maybe not in fact getting it, that all you need is both: light and darkness. Balance. It is not scary, it is different, it lets you finally not see everything, lets you rest calmly and fully…

Darkness is.

On my Island it is total and deep. Thick, but not so around early autumn. Thicker will come, and I am waiting for it!!!

With this darkness sometimes all you can see is one red light of a ship far far far away. All you can see is yourself. Nothing more, because lighthouses – working ones – are so rare. And you know what? I love this darkness. It hides you, but also lets you speak truly. It somehow again needs to be invited to our world. To our every night, to make us sleep calmly, to make us stop working, stop being on line… finally, notice the amazing differences in you, around you.

You can finally get it, that we all need it!!!

We need it to come back!!!

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