No photo

I do not take photos of people.

I just do not… sometimes there is a piece of human, but no face… Why? Because I do not want anyone to take photos of me without my permission. And vlogging… Why people do not get it, that you do not want to be on their movies? Why suddenly saying: I need my privacy is an insult for those so called “artists”… You know, humans with an account on YouTube… Okay I have one too.

But with nature.

And with my bear… and crazy stuff. If there are humans, that was only by an accident. Sorry. But today, in those modern times, when bulling is fun, and making a video of it is okay and FUN on YouTube… I think you all should think about people. About their privates. And I do not mean ONLY parts!

Some of us do not wanna be seen, or be a part of your show. If you wanna us play, pay us! No working for free!!! NEVER!!!

Why do I write about it? Because I am weird… got it again!!! Because I ASK if I can take a photo, because even if I am tempted, will not publish something what should not be online… like naked Santa Claus. Yeah, saw one!!! With his reindeer – okay, in fact they were dogs, but still. How would you feel?

Think because you press PLAY and most of all: UPLOAD.

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