You know what question I hate?

This one: which book is your favorite? I mean really, how can you ask? I mean I have few faves but still, choosing only one. It depends from my mood, from the weather, from so many pieces surrounding ll of us, that… it is just rude to ask this question and so… too simple. You just do it, to make me embarrassed, and you just no not care. You just ask it and feel nice when I get pale, then green, and then I run away.


Books were with me like… since I was only pieces of cells, not combined together, touching, but thinking too much. Still questioning it: if I wanna be a human being, or jut another spaghetti monster or maybe a zombie monkey, or just a box with a clown jumping from it… Oh, when it comes to clowns I hate them. I hate circus, it scares me and I just do not get it truly. And animals in cages… oh fuck you! But I never read IT. I know, abomination, right? Reading so much, and no King? Okay… I love Stephen King, but like with Graham Masterton, the early ones. No christian proselytizing. I am done with it, so I need to read IT finally, especially with this movie here…

But… books. The smell, the stories… the everything.


Books can save you, save your mood, and if it is a hard cover, it can even save your life, just hit the nasty guy with a book and done!!! Books can make you crazier or smarter. They can teach you, also nasty stuff, but they are books, they do not judge their insides. But sometimes do judge authors… LOL Books can change you. Can make you more independent and play with your imaginations… but take off that even skirt when going to work. Not everyone can get it. Or maybe… maybe wear it, and finally yell it out! I can be an elf!!! Although I am more dwarf size. Well… LOL

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