What would you do?

In fact. What would you do hearing someone screaming? On a dark street, maybe at night, maybe just misty day, or normal, bright and so called… happy one? What would you do? Rush to help? Run away?

Call the police?


The truth is… running to help can end with your death. Yes, you will be called a hero, newspapers will write about you for a day, and then, everyone will forget. Some even will call you stupid…

So, what would you do?

I yelled once… when someone was dragging me into bushes. People around (bright day, lots of people, clean park, families, kids) looked at me like I made a sin. Stole their calmness and happiness. Maybe a free day. Maybe some plans, like a blanket on a grass, picnic maybe? Talking, walking and being together. And I destroyed their perfect day. I saw it in their eyes… and I shut up.

I struggled and managed to run away. My dress was torn, but I was only touched in too many places… ONLY? I run away thanks to my voice. See, I am short, but I can scream. Really loud when scared or pissed. But the truth is, I yelled only because I had my earphones on, very loud. Without them, I could be just a mice. Trying not to mess with all those perfect families around me. I could say nothing.

I could… so yes, this scream happened to me to. It was only touching, some… so it was not THAT, but what if? Who would help me?

I now prefer people not to see me. Not make a move towards me. Not to make a contact. I do away, always choose the walls, which can at least save my back. And somehow I thought it is clear, that if someone runs away you do not follow him or her. You do not push, rape her space… but now, in the world of no empathy I think people… they feel wounded animal – me, and attack. They wanna end someone has started.

Had it few days ago. Have it very often.

So… what would you do if I start to scream only because you approach too close to me? Would you understand? Or would you just slap me? Offend me? Call me a madwoman? Once I met a woman who looked at me, and asked: who hurt you? And I did not know what to answer.


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