Things should not be important, only people…

How often do you hear it?

I mean really?

How often you think those times we are living in are only about things, gadgets and materialism? How often? All the time, right? Do you feel guilty buying something? Oh yes, some of you do…

Do I?


I wear my clothes until they fall apart, have now only 2 pairs of shoes, I do not care about labels, only about cotton which will not burn my skin, healthy… but sometimes even I get so attached to things. I feel safer with them. Somehow they become a piece of me, amulets even? Am I materialistic then? Like with this black dream catcher, which I felt so mine… Now, hanging above my head while I sleep… I can not stop touching it, I can not stop thinking about it. It is so me, so crow like. I really love dream catchers, but this one tickled a piece of me, I thought disappeared.

But there is something more.


Those two… one I had for almost a half year. Little My. The other, silver hjulkors/solkors/suncross only for two weeks. The clasp opened, broke in fact, and I lost both of them. Into the sea. I still feel like mourning. I still feel weird pain, and I should not, because those were only things, but still… the cross I brought from Sweden, and… Little My luckily for me, my dear Husband bought again. But still…

I feel this weird pain.

Feeling of lost.

I should not, right? So why I do?

Some naive tribes had those customs to give away everything what was left after someones death. Except books. Because books were those pieces which were connected with the soul. Also pieces, which deceased had always so close were burnt with him or just destroyed… so maybe things are important? Maybe there is a moment… when they attach to us, and in fact we become one?



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