But… but how can it be Juli already? I mean really? Someone is messing with time, totally! Trust me. I am not ready for summer. Although… I am ready for autumn and winter, so maybe it is okay?



So it is Juli, okay July, have some Danish.

Not that it changes anything?

There is a thick mist around me, and lovely rain, so it is okay. Not too hot, not even too warm if I must be true. It is panties weather – if you work at home LOL – bu still you should have a blouse somewhere around you, close, or a thin blanket. But this mist, this thick milky, cold mist always fascinates me. I mean always. It is like all the souls combined together to let you finally see something very important. To be focused on this, what you have forgotten… you. Nope, there is nothing selfish in taking care of you. Because if you know how to deal with things, if you train it on yourself… one time you can tell someone how it was, and maybe help him solve one or two problems, soo… I love this mist. Mist closing me in a small bauble, where suddenly I can hear myself.

And also answer…

PS. We have a new priest in town. Yeah, as a pagan, or more like someone who is fond of cultural anthropology, I am crazy about it. Just look how cute the priest is. Just look…  See, I thought that here, in Danmark, people will not care about the fact the priest has boobs. I thought so… Oh my, I was so wrong!!! For me, as someone raised in a scary catholic Poland, she is something so refreshing. I do not know her, but looking at her sermons and way of life, I think she is intelligent and really interesting. She has heart and mind on right places. Still… people here are semi glad. Or more like less glad only because she is… she. Oh the horror!!! LOL

How the heck we women scare others so much? I mean really? How does it work? And why we do not use it more? LOL

Here… have some ice cream.


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