Are colors kitsch?

Did you notice, that all those modern, fancy and in fashion homes and interiors are now black and white. Simple, hard, so nonhuman. Suddenly this is the only thing called art. White and black.



In fact not moving your imagination.


Does it mean colors are kitsch now?

Funny thing… once upon a time some people – archaeologists, thought all Roman and ancient Greeks sculptures where just stone. In fact just white, marble, a bit grey or light peachy. You know… clean. When one expedition found leftovers of colors on them… well, they tried to remove it, because it was so not it. It was not something they wanted to show to the world. The world which fall in love in simple stone sculptures. Amazing and stunning, so perfectly created… but not so when colored.

Suddenly now only black and white photos are called art. When you see them with colors, before filters, well… that lighting, that creations, perspective, all this does not matters anymore. It must be black and white to be fancy and… expensive. Does it mean colors do not matter anymore? Or maybe people stopped getting them? Having fun with them? Or maybe, what is the most probable, is that people follow stuff newspapers and TV told them fancy is… and here is the problem. So now we got too many flamingos in decor and too much palm leaves. They are everywhere.

Why people are so afraid to like something else? Like me 😉 LOL Like me. I am something else. OOAK.


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