For so many of you such a simple thing. Do you even look at them, or just open and close. Look for keys, swear when they are missing. But when it comes to doors… do you still see them. I mean really? Because when it comes to windows, they are see thru, so you can be easily interested what is inside, but doors… they are not that easy. They are a portal to another world. Maybe not yours… maybe the one you should not pass thru? Maybe… because a home should be a safe place. One and only. Ages ago when people were building one, one for a whole life, they were putting sacrifices under the corners, or just in front of the future doors. Some tribes still bring back their dead relatives and dig them under the floor, just to be always, forever together…

But we nowadays move so often. So you have your family home? I do not. There were so many of them…


Okay, when it comes to doors, I have a special crush on them. Like with windows, I find them interesting, I love them colorful and special. I love mine decorated all year round. And  I am so into this doors mystery. All those customs: not to welcome someone thru a doorstep, cleaning them for a good luck, putting herbs there, always have them close like rosemary and thyme… and of course carrying your lady when you step into for a first time as a husband and wife.

Doors always should have a step or few, but not too many. They should not be on a path level, but also should be inviting, never clothed, with a clean but wavy path…

But the most important magic are colors.


Green for a good luck, money, abundance. Like trees, woods, nature…


Turquoise one for those special, who wanna be seen, but also safe. Wooden often parted in two, because you know, you could talk with someone, but also not to get him inside. You could be safe, but also polite…

And then come those special. Not so common, but with one of strongest magic… Red – bloody red for protection. Hiding fire behind them and strong personalities.


And my fav ever… cobalt blue. These one I want to have in my home if I ever have one for my own. If ever… Old people say these are one of the most powerful. Protect from evil spirits, get only good come inside, and also tell all those around, that the one living here is special. Very special. I will have them once, I will!



PS. A special gift for Jul here in Danmark are dwarf’s doors. Small, which you glue to the wall, close to a floor. Sweet and cute. More magic…


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