News from my Island

Well, in fact there is not much… we had some things going on and some not going on. We have a windy weather, but in fact it is not that hot as it used to be last year. We fight for a tree, but nobody listens… If you want to help us, please sign the petition. It goes from the top: name, surname, city and email. Nothing wrong will happen. But one linden tree can be saved. It should not be like they want, to change a piece of green into some art… art, which in fact could truly find another place to be worshiped. We have plenty of places it could be put, if there is a must, but they do not listen.

I mean those up there.

Here is the tree – main photo. Here are photos of the art, which in fact is only a plastic copy of a round church – we have 4 on Bornholm, made of stones not plastic of course, old. And art as this should not be on a busy road if so… tree will at least do something with the air, that so called art… well can only disturb. And how tourists are suppose to use it? They can not touch it or take a photo with it if it is on a roundabout.


Except this… well it is summer, so we have more tourists. My Island is stuffed with tents and caravans. With people I do not know. With loud noises and cyclists which are not very nice, and in fact do not care about the traffic law. But it is all. We have it every year. The Season. it started…

And done.

I love it!

I do love it, that we have nothing more. We do still have problems with Russian u boot, American planes trying shoosh them, and this weird fear, that Putin wanna take Bornholm from Danmark, but it is all. The rest is green, wavy and birdy. My crows are crazy, fighting with seagulls about every piece which is possible to eat. And that is all… herbs are dancing with the wind, roses are red, purple, pink and yellow…

Why… why we can not stay just calm, hard working, and clean, and green, and ecological. Especially with this wind?


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