Again – field of lupines

It is like standing in candies.


I mean really, because when you have such amount of lupines, they smell so sweet, and so.. normal. So old-fashioned. Like it used to be before… before people started to have weird needs. Before they started to use the soil as it was a “neverending” story, as it did not have a need to rest… before…


Oh that smell is such an inspiration.

I just, I just wanna take all my empty canvases and smash them with flowers, together, and squeeze them between other dimensions and then put them back on white walls. and then again and again. Will it let the aroma stay forever or I got to change myself into that boy from “Parfume”… he did not end well, as I remember?

But I bet it is a good lesson about: I wanna piece of you, right? LOL


So much inspiration.

So many lessons about colors being able to live together.

And all being of one kind. And this is just a simple field. Nothing more, nothing less. And still it is a pure perfection, which makes my mind blow!!!


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