One more secret…

I have a secret.

Maybe it is another one, maybe first you will get from me, but… I do have it. Okay, maybe it is in fact not a big one, not a world-breaker, but still it is a secret. And it is a dirty one!!! Obvious for some of you because you could seen my photos or maybe you bought one of them, or you just got it earlier than I did…


I like dirty windows.

Yup, next to laundry pins and laundry, I like dirty windows.

Somehow clear one scares me. Reflects too much. Or maybe is just too obvious. Just too windowy? Denuded of mystery and magic? Not enough mysterious for me? Too just glass and wood or plastic. Too… simple. Because when it is covered in dust, spider nets and all those dirty pieces, old flies, maybe zombies and all that stuff. Everything is more interesting when it is covered. At least a little.

It is like with boobs and naked people. Cover them a bit, and they are interesting. Make them full nude and there is no interest at all. I mean really. If you wanna make something more interesting sprinkle it with dust, use some lace… make it semi visible. Make being and hidden. Make it this way.

This way is so much more interesting.

Trust me!


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