Poppies and cornflowers…

In fact, there is that Agatha Christie novel, where there is a wallpaper in poppies and cornflowers. You know it by any chance? A women comes back to England, newlywed and buys a home in which she has weird visions. Of course people think she gets crazy, and only Jane Marple sees more here. Yup, there is also a very thin love story, and some scary moments… but this wallpaper in one of her visions, reminded me of something. Of fields full of those flowers. And camomile. And those violet one… which I have no idea how they are named. And…


I will sound like a very old person, but theses days everything smelled differently, looked differently, and somehow was more normal. Sorry dudes. I am ancient. C14 has problems with me. LOL

I remember those fields. So pretty. I remember walking and picking up wild flowers, making wreaths. I remember the time when we were not afraid of ticks. I remember. I feel like an elephant which remembers everything. And you know what… it hurts. Now to fins poppies I have to walk and walk and walk and they still are not the same poppies. And cornflowers. Well, they are so rare.

Like bees.



Still… from time to time, and because my Island decided to come back to nature and ban some nasty pesticides, they appear. With this special poppy redness. And my dream about fields full of poppies, you know those other poppies banned because humans decided to make lousy drugs from them… which were singing when they heads were dried, and seeds inside of them were dancing. Oh my, I am weird. Or unique maybe as my friend, awesome drawer Sheepish said… (check her FB)

Maybe… or maybe I just miss time when things were a bit easier. And fields were bigger and higher. Trust me, wheat was so tall. And watching for flowers was such an awesome play. And eating fresh wheat seeds. Oh well, I am ancient.


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