I smell you…

Even with this weird weather, cold air and windy stuff around… all I can smell are last lilacs and blooming linden trees. Oh my, how amazing they smell, just divine. You wanna suck into this aroma. You wanna cover yourself in it, paint it, keep it. Because even dried, these flowers will not smell like those fresh, young, ready to be picked up.


Amazing. Simple and true. And those bushes, I still got no idea how they are named… how is it, that late spring is so aromatic? I get it, it is all about bees and all that stuff, but still, how is it so stunning?

So free…

Fresh, first roses. Even daisies, although not many of you may appreciate them…

Even the grass. Oh come on, grass grass not THAT grass!!!

Go out and smell it! Smell the spring, because it will be gone so quickly. It always is. Never waits. You got to catch it. You got to be present.


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