Peter Engberg

I was fascinated by his pieces… but I could only watch them thru the windows. Does it mean I will be back in Fjällbacka?

Does it mean, I have to be back?

I mean really?


Does it?

Peter Engberg touched my heart with his art. You can of course see those pieces on his page, but trust me, seeing them, reflected in the windows, with all this water around, colored cottages, boats and fishy stuff…

… was so special.


I mean really something more. Because seeing art in a place it was born, is different, than just having it on your computer, or send by someone to you… it is not the same. Seeing the sand, feeling the wind which annoyed the artist during the process of creating the stuff… is something more. You got a piece and an inspiration…


It creates something so much bigger.



I have to come back.

Oh my. That will be hard, but maybe… or more like a must, because I lost my amazing pendant bought in Vitlycke Museum what made me so depressed, I mean more depressed… that I am still crying! You know a hjulkors made in silver. Tiny, amazing… maybe someone of you will be there this summer? Can you buy me one?! I will pay for it thru paypal! Please!

PS. This is a last post from my trip. Will there be another one? You never know. LOL


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