I remember Sweden…

… free country with people running around naked. I mean in waves, whole families so free, so different than middleeuropean me. With strict rules and all that stuff. I remember Sweden, where people wanted to run away to. i remember, but I do not see it now. Now I see rules. Wooden homes and wooden people. I am warned because there is so many thieves and we should not react if an accident happens, because it can end deadly for us. I remember, I gt my rules, so I help someone with his dropped coin, older person, with hands full… and suddenly I feel, I done something wrong. I feel them watching me. I know I acted differently. Weird.


Those people trust no one.


Wooden people, wooden homes, smooth rocks. No fields, only green meadows and birches everywhere. And those rocks. Huge, smooth rocks. A bit weirdly frighting me when I am driving the highway. South of Sweden is a bit more kindly for me. Somehow a bit more like my Island: free and wild. Here I feel lonely and scared. Even when we left the highway, and were driving thru simple roads, all those green walls… somehow was not right. There was no people. Few cars.

No elks!!!

And I need a moose!!!

And those wooden cottages, so pretty, some of them so red, and barns standing on… rock piles! Wobbly so. So red. Everything looks like just made or just destroyed. Waiting for someone to move in. Waiting for someone to make it a home? Or maybe all humans have disappeared? Maybe I was not informed about apocalypse? Because even in an apartment we will be staying, all I can smell is wood. And behind the house is a huge rock. I mean really huge one!!!

I am scared, but to tired to care for it, and too excited!


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