I know…

I promised you my whole journey and it will happen, prepare map of western Sweden: Hamburgsund – Bohuslän, Tanum and surroundings. It will happen, but first… I will tell you about something what I discovered.

It was not such a huge surprise, I know my Island is a jealous Lady, I know I saw pieces of the past which were amazing, stunning and breathtaking… I even touch the rocks, which where touched by people ages ago, but still, all I had in me was She. My Island. I was so crazy homesick, that even water burnt me!!!


How can it be possible?

I was following one of my dreams – part of my PhD – but still all I could do was thinking about Her. My Island. That this or that looks so similar, that it we have there, only smaller, that… She is better. Was it that umbilical cord which grew from me to Her, or more like from Her to me? Was it that weirdness in me, which is really one and only?

I mean really?

Am I lost without Her?

I really think it all happened because I found home… place where I feel wanted by rocks and nature, place which is stunning, place which do not harm me. Place which I freely call home, so… what do I need more? Of course traveling and touching all those ancient pieces was amazing, but still, I missed You! My Island!

Very much.

PS. I took few pieces of Her with me – my backpack was full of stones from my Island, still it was not enough. Not this time! Maybe it was too far away? Maybe 5 days is too long without Her? My home was so cold, and so sad. I could feel it when I came back… Cold not only because northern Europe is cold this time of year, surprisingly. I like cold, so sorry, but I am okay with it. And you know what? We spent 5 days up there, on the higher north and it was so hot for 3 days! Sunny and over 20C in a shadow!

Earth is changing climate… again.


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