Tree of Dreams

Maybe there is one… somewhere. If somewhere, I bet it grows on my Island… The Tree of Dreams. You know, the one producing seeds and fruits which fly all around the world, and bring dreams and ideas to people.


All those tickling thoughts you can not put somewhere and think about them later. You just can not. I bet some people are waiting for them with nets and baits. But how to call them? How to allure them? Maybe a song could help? Or a good meal placed on a terrace? Or maybe… so, how do you do it? Where your dreams come from? Or maybe they are born when nobody is looking, expecting, and of course, is ready for them? Maybe we got to be so unprepared… Oh yes, the best dreams and ideas come when u fall asleep, right? Oh yes, I know this pain.

But this tree… maybe I am right? If I find it, I will let you know! LOL


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