Oh yes, I had a weird dream again… about a train, with weird or more like interesting and special people in it. Which suddenly changed into two houses, and one of them was built from a nice, old red brick. Do you know this deep redness, carmine like of old bricks. When they were made with hearts of innocent souls?

Okay, kidding, come on!


So there was this train, and two homes, and the red brick one was covered in fresh, wild lilacs. I could smell them, I could play with them, I got no idea what was it all about, it had sense when I was dreaming, but them I woke up starting to think about my grandma and… crying. Sorry, but she and trains… See, ages ago, like 30 years ago and even more, trains were the only way to transport yourself from point A to B. I remember using them often, spending there hours, days even… and they were so full of humans. I mean stuffed with them. Still… you did not feel hate, or weird thoughts, all you had were cool conversations, and you could leave your kid for a moment, or even got sick and bot be worried, that someone would harm your kid. I remember once my so called mother got sick, very in a train, and they treated her with some weird stuff, and strangers were taking care of me. talking to me, feeding me… Oh yes, those days, when you could have a sandwich from a stranger… and in fact be okay!

I mean really!

I remember Girl With Glass Bottles… oh her mother was so posh and a Guy With A Magic Potion… in a paper bag, so for an adult me it is now obvious why he was so chatty. I remember so may stories, and eggs. Oh yes, hard boiled eggs were always a main menu when on trains… but on the end, in a total darkness of the night was my Grandma waiting for me with a huge scarf. And we were walking to her home, where I always felt safe… the only place.



My Island had them too!

We still have these buildings, now museums or just regular homes and railways leftovers… you can still hear it somewhere between the rocks and trees. You still can smell it. Oh my, do you know, that trains were slower and i fact sounded differently. Oh my, that was the best sound to meditate and fall asleep…

Calming, regular, normal… I miss You Grandma.


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