1st of May

Oh… I remember flags and all those marches. Maybe I was a kid, but I do remember hat madness. And then changes. Now… still it is Labour Day. International Workers’ Day… big words, big signs, still in fact, nothing changed.


So I decided to celebrate it with work and lying on a bed of flowers. Because I can. Because in fact the world is so complicated now, that all those political or more like sociopolitical holidays are just painful. Sorry, but if in this world it is better not to go to school but have a weird account on YouTube and make movies about grocery shopping and make up… well, I prefer my bed of flowers. Because my Island is blooming like crazy. It is sunny, but cold wind quickly makes you look for another sweater.

After Beltane Night everything seems to be so much calmer. So much more chilled. Walpurgis Night was amazing! Windy, but you know… nobody cared! The sea looked amazing. All those shades of blue and turquoises and of course neon greens from seaweeds… so stunning. And this freshness of water knowing much more about life than we do… Nature is amazing, although it itches sometimes! Young stinging nettles can be really ouch! So be careful.

And go out… into the nature where life sings! There is inspiration and calmness and joy and all that stuff your body needs.


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