I got stars…

No worries, I did not hit my head or had too much wobble juice as my friends call it… I have them over my head.

When I look around I see small cottages and greenery. Fields still empty, but most of them is green. Ready to bloom. And trees blooming and bushes. And the sea of course. This is what I see everyday.

But this time of year, well, there is something more!


In a windy night I see all those stars, I see them, I wave to them and I feel so naked when they watch me. I mean really, think about it, about all childish stories, which were describing boys on moons or star people. Don’t you feel creepy from time to time. What if our imagination is able to create our fears… Okay, I am not talking more about it, now to the poop!!!

Oh yes!!!

Because this time of year my Island sadly smells often like shit. Okay, I will be precise… like guano and manure and dung… you know, natural fertilizer! But still, it smells. I got no idea why, but I do not remember such scent from my childhood, and I was at farms in my young days. Maybe because it was dried first, maybe because it was differently redeposited? I got no idea, but remember, this time of year we smell like salty sea, blooming trees and bushes, fishy a bit and manure…

All naturell!!! LOL


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