Okay, as a kid we had this crazy play, that someone was touching your back and was making different sounds and different moves to touch you only with fingers, or only with nails, or only gently touch your neck… and you was starting to feel good, relaxed, in fucking heaven and when was it ending, oh my, you wanted it never to be end.


Or when someone was combing your hair, or just touching your head, the feeling was the same. After ages I found out they call it ASMR. Autonomous sensory meridian response, just goosebumps? Or more like millions of ants tickling you somewhere around your throat. At least it is like with me. It may make you really speechless, because it is so simple… all you need is another person.

All you need is a human’s touch.

Gently or harder.


Yeah ASMR is also on youtube. And it works too. Watching someone touching someones head is like thrilling. Or just listening to all those calming sounds. When it comes to me… Baba is my fav ever. I do not have to watch him, all I need are sounds. He is the only one who does not make me pissed off saying: relax!

Really LOL!!!


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