Living on an Island is awesome.

I mean really!

I do recommend it to everyone with huge anxieties and all those who really like to have less humans around and more nature, but… of course we heave THE SEASON. It started. Of course it means all those weird new people coming to my places and looking at me, and others of us who live here all year long.

And we are quite special.


To say it nice, people living on islands are special. Mostly artists, crazy maybe, maybe even mental… I am one of them, so… I got to tell you something: remember we do not care about fashion. We wear things which are close, or which are appropriate if you paint, watch birds, r take photos in weird places. We do not care about brands, and sorry most of us is… poor. Sorry. We do not care about fancy bags, and sweaters. And we often wear all those clothes which you choose while painting the ceiling or fishing.

My Island taught me that clothes are not important, swimming naked is awesome, and watching a lovely pair of elder people having fun in waves is THE BEST THING EVER! They are just natural. Normal. So… exactly in place. Your gold fancy watch is not in place. Having a roof over your head is the most important, and of course being aware of nature. And only this what is inside counts. Really! Because in this wind everything dries outside so quickly, even poop. LOL So be careful. And watch the sky, because on islands you can see the sky. And stars… because we mostly do not have high buildings. Cool, right? Although Manhattan is also an island, so… you do know I am talking about islands islands, not those weird creations!

So who of you live on an island? Who plans to move?


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