Oh yes… right.

Nope, not that virginity, or maybe exactly this one? I do not know, but when I am standing under a blooming tree, I feel so clean. So ready to get married. And when those fragile petals slowly slip on me, I feel somehow blessed. Like I was at the mess or something like it… meeting someone saint.


Yup, watching blooming white fruit trees – mostly those small plums – which smell fantastic, I feel like I was walking on a sacred ground. Or more like floating above it. Because they are so fantastic. Looking like brides ready to be married to their love ones. Perfect matches… but there is i fact only a moment when they bloom. In fact they start to bloom, and suddenly it ends, you just got to stand under this tree to catch a good photo for a whole day, because sometimes, especially on my windy Island, this happens like it… just in a moment. A moment of virginity. I mean this perfect spring virginity. Which never fade. Which in fact will change into fruits, but still…

Be always only virginity. Innocence. Perfect, white, untouched…


And what if grooms never get ready on time? What if they stop for too long watching other trees, or be amazed by spring… what if…

What if… oh my it gets so sad now!

But this is what those trees make me to think about!


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