Wet Monday

Well, in Christian culture, okay in Catholic one… in Middle Europe Monday after Easter is a wet one. Totally pagan, but who cares. Or more, try to tell someone, that this what they are doing is totally wild and BC, I do not recommend it. But. This Monday, today, is a wet one. The main thing is to wet girls. Virgins, those who are just a step from marriage… you know, young, beautiful and free…


Of course adults try to have this fun too, but it is not the same, and not the same when it is freaking cold too. Still… I remember being wet, in fact having weird desire to get wet, to even have this whole bucket of cold water put on my head… Yeah, fun is a weird thing. Fun has a long and very fat definition. For some this is fun, for others it is not. Simple. So how to be sure one fun is good for another person? You got to get to know one. Will I get wet today? I did, I peed in the woods and it was windy, so yeah… my fun are woods. Standing stones, archaeology, reading and art.

And maybe snow globes… and bears. And crows, yup, as one of them, I love them totally and watching them is fun. Water on a cold day, not since I have someone to love! LOL

PS. If you wanna ready about śmigus-dyngus or Lany Poniedziałek, check the internet! Of course it is not as it used to be. Fertility, and all that magic is not that important, but still it is a custom…


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