Happy Easter

This is one of my secrets.

I hate Easter.

I do not get it, it is sad for me and depressing and in fact I have problems with pussy-willows. Yes, as a kid I put them into my ears, and it was traumatic… none to help a few year old kid, then a nasty doctor… really traumatic. But as a kid raised in Poland, of course there was only one religion…


And I still do not get it.


I mean really?

A zombie?

No offense, but look at it? The whole grave thing, all those proofs, that HE was really dead. And then up and human again? Really? But okay. I am a nasty kid of darkness winter and all that stuff, but still… or maybe it is only this, that I do not get huge gatherings, dinners by the table and talks… I like eggs, but who has time to really make them precious, and sorry, they are pagan thing.Same with all that green stuff and water on Monday.

I really has no idea why I hate this time so much. Maybe that trauma of a kid who was forced to go to a church which was dark and gloomy and scary, like sitting in an open grave with a body… made of plastic or ceramic. Sorry, but still everything connected with this whole Easter… scares me. So let me just avoid it…

PS. To those who celebrate: Happy Easter, God Påske!


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