I can not work without it, I can not live without it. Weird, right? Especially in this world which is blimping, singing, playing all around. People even have phones by their beds! I mean really! Why?


When I work I like to listen to old movies. You know, just have them in a background somewhere, and when in the woods I have birds, wind and bugs, and sometimes earphones to pretend I am so busy when someone is walking by. Of course, those are sounds but also… this is my silence.

Or maybe not?

Is it silence or not?

I hate loud music, blimping things, I have everything turned off on my laptop, I do not have clocks, phones… I try to control every sound. But nature is the one I can not control… still this is the one which do not bothers me. Strong winds hitting my roof. Okay. Rain playing serenades on my windows, perfection! Cars and bikes, nope. I live on a small hill when rarely a car is passing by. Where I have crows and seagulls, which can be very loud, but still they are my silence.



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