Coming back

Sometimes I hate going back.

Just hate it.

There are places I do not want to see one more time in my life. In fact if I could forget about them, that could be refreshing, but I can not… sooo I just do not come back. Do not take a step back. Of course, sometimes you just do not have a choice.

You got to do it. I had to once. This was a nightmare, but I survived… and after few months was able to take next step, and another…


But sometimes…

Oh, sometimes it is good to be back. Back with forgotten colors, back to see how something changed even if it makes you scared… and now, be back into spots on my Island where special flowers bloom. And I come back to them just to feel this special joy because of simple flowers. Blooming tree and branches. And the sea… such huge amount of sea. Waters and waves, all shades of blue and silver.

Sometimes it is okay to come back.

And sometimes you can not come back… to Grandma’s cakes, soups. Simplicity. To her arms. Sometimes life sucks really.


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